IntelliJ IDEA Shortcut

Double ShiftSearch Everywhere
Quickly find any file, action, symbol, tool window, or setting in IntelliJ IDEA, in your project, and in the current Git repository.
Ctrl Shift AFind Action
Find a command and execute it, open a tool window, or search for a setting.
Alt EnterShow Context Actions
Quick-fixes for highlighted errors and warnings, intention actions for improving and optimizing your code.
Shift F2
Navigate between code issues
Jump to the next or previous highlighted error.
Ctrl EView recent files
Select a recently opened file from the list.
Ctrl Shift EnterComplete Current Statement
Insert any necessary trailing symbols and place the caret where you can start typing the next statement.
Ctrl Alt LReformat Code
Reformat the whole file or the selected fragment according to the current code style settings.
Ctrl Alt Shift TInvoke refactoring
Refactor the element under the caret, for example, safe delete, copy, move, rename, and so on.
Ctrl W
Ctrl Shift W
Extend or shrink selection
Increase or decrease the scope of selection according to specific code constructs.
Ctrl /
Ctrl Shift /
Add/remove line or block comment
Comment out a line or block of code.
Ctrl BGo To Declaration
Navigate to the initial declaration of the instantiated class, called method, or field.
Alt F7Find Usages
Show all places where a code element is used across your project.
Alt 1Focus the Project tool window
EscFocus the editor